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How To Get A Cold Sore To Go Away Fast

How to cure cold sore fast ? I have tried all ways like taking Vitamin C, Propolis, apply acyclovir 5 times a day? But did not find anything that really worked as for now. From my past experience, this cold sore thing will stay with me for at least 1 week or average 10 days. (Well, I used to have this damn cold sore on and off since my childhood). I am living in this humid warm weather country; I thought this sore occurs to cold countries? Is there any way to eradicate this "sore" thing on my mouth forever? I look "sick" and "scary" with this herpes.So if you also have a cold sore that you want to treat, then here are some effective tips and tricks on how to get rid of this condition and free your lips from the pain. The first Tip on How to Cure Cold Sore Fast is Toothpaste. This is a good treatment for external applications (which will take a while to see the results), but you could also take L-Lysine (an Amino Acid) to help fight it internally, too. L-Lysine can help to get rid of it sooner, plus you can take it safely after you can't see the sore anymore to make sure it's gone.Also, if you get cold sores on a regular basis, taking L-Lysine can actually help prevent them from coming up again. Oh, and stress tends to aggravate cold sores, so reducing stress may help as well.But first, are you really sure it's a cold sore? I thought I had one that would not go away for anything, and it turns out it was "angular cheilitis." you can Google that and find out if that's actually what's causing it, otherwise Ive heard that applying a paste you can make out of alum and water helps. You can find alum in the spice isle of your grocery storeI used to get cold sores on a regular basis. Since using Optiflora, I haven't had one in years. Optiflora is a two-product system which includes Probiotic (Bifidus & Acidopilus...microflora) + Prebiotic (FOS...food source for microflora). Often times there is something going wrong inside our bodies which can then manifest itself to the exterior in a form such as cold sores, acne, etc.If you have a cold sore, then I know how you feel, I hate those cold sore things. How to Cure Cold Sore Fast? well I sometimes use a dab of toothpaste, treat it kind of like a zit..Or there is this thing called campophenique, I guess its not really alternative medicine, but you can but it at any drug store, its worth it.Do you want to discover the best and most effective cold sore remedies? If yes, then I suggest you get a copy of the Cold Sore Free Forever book.Click on this link ==> cold sore free forever, to read more about this natural treatment book, and discover how its been helping thousands of cold-sore sufferers allover the world.

how to get a cold sore to go away fast

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